Smart Snacking During the Holiday Season Parties

Smart Snacking During the Holiday Season Parties

Tya Waterman |

It has been said that success is a series of small wins. This holiday season, don’t blow a year’s worth of hard work by over consuming at holiday parties and weekend binging. Instead, think of each event or engagement, each family dinner or mixer as another step closer to success…one more win.

Our in-house expert, Chef Sam from Sabretooth Lifestyle, believes in winning one meal at a time. His daily mantra is all about feeling awesome so he can be a role model for his family; December or not, eating delicious, healthy and satisfying meals are essential to feeling fantastic. To help you keep up with the shopping, wrapping and events that often come around the holidays, continue to snack (and eat) smart!

All meals that Chef Sam prepares are gluten, grain, dairy and soy free. (You can find some of his recipes here.) Yes, you can make cheese from cashews and pizza dough from cauliflower! Allergen free, nutritionally dense meals will power you through your visit to Santa or winter concert; in fact, eating foods that are delicious and satisfying, but incredibly good for your body and mind, is definitely a success in our estimation.

Decide to Feel Your Best

Foods to keep you feeling your best include healthy fats, blueberries, red meat, crab and garbanzo beans. So, this holiday season, think ahead, be smart and feed your mind and soul with functional foods. Here are some tips to keep you satiated all season long:

1. The obvious…fruits and veggies. When given the choice, fill your plate with as many brightly coloured foods that come from nature as possible. Pick peppers; chomp on carrots, bite into blackberries. Pop a few cherry tomatoes or skewer yourself a fruit kabob. While you’re at it, add in some hummus — homemade is best — and feel great all throughout hors d’oeuvre hour.

2. Second on our holiday hit list includes leaning into lean meats. Skip the dairy dump of dips. Instead, snack on or eat full portions of lean meats such as tips of beef tenderloin, turkey meatballs or shrimp cocktail.

3. Bring an appie with you, that way you’ll know you brought something healthy and more than a pretty plate. Make and bring with you dishes with sound ingredients. Sneak in a little spinach, add lentils, or opt for high quality ingredients, like dark chocolate. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to personal success and that includes the food you eat.

4. When it comes to watching how many calories you consume, alcoholic beverages, especially ones laden with sugar can tip the scale, not to mention leave you feeling less than stellar the next day. Don’t be a party pooper! Just manage your intake, which should include a glass of water between cocktails. After all, life is all about balance. Or to really jazz up your H2O, sip on sparkling soda in between libations. Kombucha is a great alternative to another glass of wine and frozen fruit can add sweetness to your sparkling water without the alcohol factor.

5. Lastly, before you head out for the evening, start the night off with a protein shake. Having your shake before you arrive at a shindig will help to ensure you don’t overeat because you’re starved.

Listen, if Chef Sam can make cheesecake out of cashews, you can bring wisdom to your next soirée.

Here’s to staying healthy this holiday season!