You Resolved, Now What?

You Resolved, Now What?

Tya Waterman |

Oftentimes our resolutions, made with the greatest intentions, can feel daunting when it comes time to execute. We totally understand. And while dreaming up ways to be better, stronger or healthier can be the easy part, making the changes required to achieve greatness, not so much. Sometimes achieving your goals means changing habits or behaviours. For example, you vowed to get more sleep, but love watching an episode of Stranger Things before bed. You vowed to give up dairy, but aren’t certain how to replace cream in your morning coffee.

Perhaps when you thought about adding an extra workout to your week, you didn’t account for the extra time, change in schedule, etc. that would be necessary to make it happen. Thankfully, there are as many reasons to succeed as there are excuses. Entrepreneur and author Joe De Sena said, “Bite off more than you can chew, then keep chewing.” So with that simple, sound advice, here are some ways we plan on edging a little closer to our goals, stifling our inner can’ts and kicking ass this year.

First, CREATE A PLAN. Just like mapping out your weekend, your errands, your travel itinerary, or your trip to the grocery store, you need to have a line of sight on how you can get from Monday to Friday or average to extraordinary. Use a list, a bullet journal or your phone to help remind you your commitment. For example, book time in your calendar, set aside an afternoon for meal prep, make a list of people you need to thank. Whatever your goal, craft a step-by-step plan for a better chance to win. Come on, you got this!

Next, get SOCIAL. Share your commitments with your pals. By declaring what you want to change in your life, you’re more likely to follow through. Plus, it’s impactful to post your goals where they can be seen. Post food related resolutions on your fridge or in your pantry so that when you reach for a diet pop, you’ll remember you vowed to drink more h20. When you feel snacky, you’ll think about your options.

Many people have workout buddies that hold them accountable. Text a friend for inspiration or to declare you did what you said you were going to. There’s power in numbers, align yourself with good people who are going in your direction.

But perhaps, even more important, is to embrace your failures as well as celebrate your successes. In other words, know you’re human and at times, you will falter. Perfection is so last year. Just keep chewing. And when you hit a milestone, lose a pound of fat, go 21 days without sugar, CELEBRATE. Treat yourself to something beautiful, get a massage, have a cheat day. After all, when being your best is top of mind, you can’t fail.