What's Your Goal

What's Your Goal

Tya Waterman |

Did you set a fitness goal as part of your resolutions to be better in 2017? If not, it’s not too late. In fact, fitness goals can and should change as you gain strength and confidence, and as you move through a season or a calendar year. They should mirror your thirst for adventure and should be revisited often.

We all experience desires for different outcomes at various stages of our lives. For example, sometimes we thirst for an active vacation like back packing through Europe. At other times, we seek sun to rest and recharge. Sometimes we want to explore in nature and at other times, we want to soak up the energy of a cityscape. Our fitness goals are very similar in that they should align with our intrinsic wants as well as our current energy levels.

Fitness aspirations are much the same. It doesn’t need to be daunting to set a goal, but it should be attainable. Singer/songwriter Linda Poindexter said, “Confidence is what allows you to open a door when you have absolutely no idea what is behind it.”

Be brave. Sign up for a 5k run or join a fitness class. Try-a-tri to swim, bike and run your way across the finish line. Take up Zumba, attempt Pilates. Get yourself some dumbbells and start lifting. Let’s get real, living your best life isn’t spent on the couch. So, dream big and think outside the living room. If you’re an intermediate athlete, go ahead and work yourself right into an expert. Flex your muscles and compete in your first fitness competition. The sky really is the limit.

Regular exercise is a must, especially in a fast-paced world with additional stresses and fewer built-in safety nets. Exercise improves your overall health, mood and energy levels. It helps you sleep and when you work up a sweat, helps your body rid itself of toxins.

A healthy immune system is built on good practices, including adequate exercise as well as good nutrition which includes protein – the building blocks of our cells. So do yourself a favour this year and declare a fitness goal. Your heart, your partner and especially your workout buddy will thank you.

To learn more about how protein is essential for maintaining good health, click here. To find out what’s available in your neighbourhood, ask around. Join our social communities to connect with goal setters just like you. Happy sweating!