The DETOX Experience - Insights from a Trainer

The DETOX Experience - Insights from a Trainer

Tya Waterman |

After this post, we were flooded with comments and questions from our readers about personal experiences on the cleanse, and effective ways to detox. You wanted to know about how often you would be headed to the loo, what you should eat, what you should avoid. As mentioned, many of our staff are cleaning out their bodies in tandem with spring solstice – the halfway point between winter and summer solstice – and partaking in our 7-Day Cleanse. Collectively, we are avoiding sugar, alcohol, caffeine, dairy and gluten as best we can, and feeling great. We are cheering one another on and sharing great recipes and tips to stay motivated.

Someone who is almost always motivated and up for a fitness challenge is rock star trainer, Chantelle Harvey. In this post, we share with you her personal experience on the Kaizen Naturals® Cleanse.

Cleansing with Chantelle

I have to say, I had a really great experience with the Cleanse. Since I am currently prepping for a competition, my diet is already very clean. I eat six meals a day with clean lean proteins, a couple meals with carbs, and lots of vegetables with no treat meals. My water intake is eight to nine litres a day on any given day. I did not change any of these variables when starting the cleanse, I literally just followed the instructions.

Needless to say, I was already starting with a ‘clean slate’. My weight when starting was 136 lbs. The first couple of days I didn’t really notice too many changes, I was just a little more regular than usual, but my energy was definitely better and I felt less fatigued. However, on days 3 and 4, I was actually a little backed up. I am not entirely sure why, but by the fifth day I felt great and like my body was getting detoxed and cleaned up.

I have tried cleanses in the past and had issues with a lot of cramping. When I did the Kaizen Naturals® Cleanse though, I had very minimal cramping. This could be because my water intake is really great.

One Thing to Note When Detoxing

I found that I had to take the packs of pills at different times than suggested because of my schedule. It seems like the pills begin to work about four to five hours after taking them. So, I always made sure I was home (lol). The instructions recommend to take them at lunchtime and then in the evening, which works out really well because it doesn’t interrupt your day-to-day at all.

By the end of the 7 days I weighed 133 lbs., felt more energized and had zero bloat. The week following, I also found I was digesting food more efficiently and felt like my body was absorbing food more easily.

So take it from us, or the pros. Our Cleanse is easy to follow and leaves you feeling awesome. #andnotintheloo

Chantelle Harvey, of Team G-Fit in Winnipeg, MB, is one of the most sought after coaches in Canada. She has always lived an active lifestyle, participating in competitive cheerleading for nine years, and national level bikini competitions. After graduating from the University of Manitoba, she furthered her education by becoming certified through the CanFit Pro organization. She takes her clients’ success personally, and will not rest until she knows they are on the right track. Looking to lose some weight and tone up? Chantelle is your girl.