Have MORE Fun!

Have MORE Fun!

Tya Waterman |

In a month that begins with tomfoolery (April 1st), we at Team Kaizen have been inspired to laugh more. We may have pulled one or two office pranks and we’re swapping jokes like kids swap items in their lunch kits. (Yep, that’s a real thing). Speaking of jokes, did you hear the one about the athlete?

Q: What did the fitness junkie say when he heard Kaizen was introducing a new flavour of concentrate?
A: No whey!

Research has shown that laughter boosts the immune system, lowers cholesterol, improves blood pressure and reduces stress. In addition to these important health benefits, laughter feels good and helps connect to people, lighten the mood and at work, boost job satisfaction. Why do you think we’re laughing so much around here? Because we love what we do. #andthatsnojoke!

In case you’re looking for ways to add more FUN to your life, increase your state of happiness AND burn a few more calories, here are some of our favs:

Five Ways to Add More Fun

1. Smooch. You got that right. Snuggling and pressing lips with someone you love is not only good for your relationship, it’s mood elevating and if done with conviction can burn up to a whopping 90 calories per hour.

2. Play charades. Put your mime hat on and act it out. It’s social, lighthearted and great fun.

3. Get dirty. Play in the mud. Pull out your gardening gloves and your weeds. It’s the season for growing, plant some fun.

4. Have a spontaneous dance party. Crank up a little Rascal Flatts and dance around to Life is a Highway! Whether you feel like lightening McQueen or yourself in your teens, you’ll wanna dance all night long.

5. Walk your dog. Dogs are awesome. So too is walking. Fresh air, vitamin D (if you’re lucky) and your most loyal companion. Nothing feels better than being greeted at the door by your pooch or by you looking him in the eyes and asking if he wants to go for a walk.

Life really is meant for good living. Open the sunroof, open your windows and open your mind to adding more FUN to your life.