Setting Your 2022 Goals Compassionately

White sneakers, black dumb bells, a coffee cup, and a notepad with "A goal without a plan is just a wish."

Kelsey Schaefer |

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As we welcome another year, you may or may not be setting New Year resolutions for 2022. Goal setting is always a great way to focus your mind and develop a plan to achieve your dreams, however many people put too much pressure on themselves in the process. Exercising self-compassion is important right from the start.

How do you set 2022 goals keeping self-compassion in mind? Begin by shifting your thoughts away from negativity, including perfectionism, and lead with your heart. Approach your fitness program with the dedication to "do your best" and write down guidelines that are reasonable, not overwhelming.

Sure, it would be wonderful to train 5x/week, but can your schedule realistically allow for that? Remind yourself that consistency in your exercise routine is the ultimate flex – and getting that nailed down is how you will embrace good lifestyle habits long-term.

This principle applies to your dietary choices too. There are fantastic nutrition experts that can provide you with healthy fat loss diet plans that are not too calorie restrictive, which makes your chance of success skyrocket. Many dieters make the mistake of eating too little. Starving yourself is self-harm, and is not a lasting solution to manage your weight. You will actually end up causing damage to your metabolism by choosing this method, not to mention experiencing horrible mood swings, low energy, terrible sex drive, and likely food binges.

Finally, self-compassion expert Kristin Neff, Ph.D, shares a ‘bite-sized’ recipe to increase happiness that may help you follow through on your plans with a big smile on your face. The professor from the University of Texas suggests taking a ‘self-compassion break’ regularly, including writing a letter to yourself. This could be a chance to validate your struggles without judgment and express your feelings. Please try to avoid turning this into a pity party. The key is to allow common humanity to flow from within, surprisingly something we often do not give to ourselves.

End your letter with feel-good flattery! Who doesn’t feel tingles when receiving compliments? You’ve earned them!

Blog by Julie Germaine.