Our Story

Our Story

Clint Zirk |

No one knows everyday obstacles better than everyday people. Overcoming is not just for the professional or the avid recreational athlete; it’s for the mother with a busy schedule, the student running across campus and anyone in between.

Although obstacles can sometimes knock us down, coming back up says a lot more than overcoming in the first place. This rings true for the Kaizen Naturals story. After some unfortunate impacts of the pandemic, one resourceful entrepreneur stepped up. It was long-time Kaizen customer and businesswoman Jennifer Ducharme.

Jennifer purchased the Kaizen Naturals brand along with the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and quality control laboratory, providing the ability to produce products from start to finish. She cared about Kaizen Naturals because she saw the impact clean, natural supplements had on her sister’s health. Providing nutritious food and supplements to those who may not have access is part of her vision for the new company. Now, under Jennifer’s leadership, Kaizen Naturals is back.

With natural ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, Kaizen Naturals is still committed to delivering a quality nutritional supplement to help you tackle those everyday obstacles. In fact, Jennifer has brought back the same team of award-winning formulators so you can expect the same great taste and mixability. Our commitment is one we truly believe in and that we’ve stayed true to since the first product formula*on. Why? Because everybody deserves the opportunity to feel good about what they’re puttng in their body.

And we’re more than just great products; we’re a team of people looking to make a positive impact in our community and environment – it’s the heart of what we do. Recently, we’ve taken a close look at our impact and look forward to continuing with the following commitments:

  • We’re using local, responsibly-grown and minimally-processed ingredients produced within 400 miles of our production facility.
  • We’ve reduced our carbon footprint by replacing rigid packaging with pouches that use 82% less plastic. This means that what would have been 137 trucks of bottles, lids and labels has been reduced to one incoming truck of sustainable pouches.
  • All Kaizen Naturals products are now part of the Verify Trust™ program. All you need to do is scan the QR code on the packaging for full transparency on our lab-verified ingredients, so you know what’s listed on the outside is exactly what’s inside.
  • We conduct testing for heavy metals, microbial contamination, herbicides and pesticides.

Kaizen Naturals is now available online and at stores across Canada! We look forward to reconnecting with our consumers and bringing even more people along the journey to better health.

We recognize, acknowledge and honor the Indigenous land that we work and produce our products on and our community that continues to inspire us.

Kaizen Naturals – Naturally Clean Nutrition.