Learn to Love Spin Class

Learn to Love Spin Class

Tya Waterman |

This month we focused our posts on all things we love. From morning habits, to success-driven mindsets, from ways to stay fit with your partner, to ways to love yourself; February has been a reminder to go inwards and be grateful.

Roman philosopher Cicero said, “It is exercise along that supports the spirits, and keeps the mind in vigour.” So go on, get out of your head and into your heart. Learn to love exercise and be grateful for the good health that you have.

In honour of Heart and Stroke month, Team Kaizen decided to workout our hearts and take a spin class – to see what the rage is all about and test out our healthy habits.

Things to know about Spin Class

1. You don’t need to arrive spin-pumped. In fact, it’s okay if you’re feeling less than 100 percent. Massive enthusiasm is included. Spin instructors are crazy motivated individuals who bring their energy and great playlists to each class. Working out to a sick beat is meditative. So much so, you won’t know how hard you worked until the class is over. 

2. It’s a full body workout, and as intense as you wish for it to be. While spinning is awesome for your legs, it doesn’t stop there. Naturally, the cardio component makes spinning good for your heart too. Many instructors also incorporate arms, shoulders and core work. In fact, most studios offer a variety of classes that incorporate weights and fluctuate in intensity and resistance.

3. It feels good to be part of a group, all dedicated to the same goal, which in this case is a finish line. Being part of a group is empowering. It keeps you inspired and often challenges you in ways you didn’t expect.

So why not spin your awesome, you might just find a new form of fitness to love. Pack your sneakers and shaker cup for post workout fuel and head to your nearest spin studio. Your heart will thank you for it.