How to Make Exercise a Habit

Woman stretching on floor - Kaizen Naturals

Kelsey Schaefer |

There are many ways to create a habit but finding the one that works for you is essential to creating a healthy lifestyle. As humans, we typically like to find the easy way out of performing certain activities, so let’s capitalize on that and create an easy routine that we can all embrace. Below are some keys to making exercise a habit.

Develop a Ritual

Establish a ritual in your day and week that requires repetition and preparation. This could be (in this order) waking up at a 5AM, taking a cold shower, drinking a coffee, reading the newspaper, and then exercising. Establish the routine that both benefits you and fits into your life. Do not create rituals based on someone else’s time or schedule—if you want it to work, it has to come from you.

Schedule Schedule Schedule

Develop a workout schedule that you can stick to based on the outcome you want from the exercise. Are you a morning person? Do you only have time to workout at lunch? Or is after-work the best time for you? Really think about these times in your day / week and schedule them in either on paper or in a daily planner app. Throw a big checkmark next to your completed workouts you have scheduled out. Find meaningful ways to hold yourself accountable.

Consider your Mindset

Instead of saying “I want to go to the gym,” try saying “I am going to the gym.”

Instead of “I wish I could look or like that,” say “I’m going to look like that.”

When we change the perspective of how we speak to ourselves, we will eventually believe ourselves—and that’s what ultimately enables us to reach the goals that feel so big. Self-respect goes a long way in your journey to becoming a healthier person, so embrace that and accept the challenge because it’s not an easy road.

Preparation = Key

We all have the same 24 hours in the run of a day and time management plays a big role in how well we succeed. Have you ever found yourself scrambling around the house, running short on time, trying to pack a bag or find a specific item? We’ve all been there, but how we set up our home environment makes a huge difference in how well we utilize our time.

If you work out early in the morning, have all of your items together and ready. The night before, pack your gym bag, get your lunch together, and even have your coffee right by the coffee maker. Take 10 minutes to set your next day up for success before you’ve even started it!

Learn Something New

Exercise can sometimes be daunting, especially if you’ve never considered yourself a lifter, runner, etc. However, if we go into our workouts with an open mind and just consider that this might be fun, we are not only way more likely to reach our goals, but also to enjoy the experience more too. Success all around!

Learning new exercises can be fun and challenging at the same time, but it’s so crucial that we’re always expanding our physical capabilities.

Your Process is Yours

If you are a beginner to exercise, you’ll want to be flexible with how you approach the overall process of it. If you find you are doing something that doesn’t feel right, or something that you’re not sure is getting you your desired results, then switch it up.

We are trying to create a long-lasting habit, not a yo-yo habit that works sometimes and then it doesn’t. Find what feels right for you and your goals and drive forward with the right mindset. Remember, it’s very easy to try to copy what others are doing, but your body is your own and you’re on your own journey. Embrace it by making you the main character in your life!