An Outdoor State of Mind: Tips to Maximize Your Outdoor Time This Spring

An Outdoor State of Mind: Tips to Maximize Your Outdoor Time This Spring

Tya Waterman |

Now that Mother Nature is slowly giving up her chill, we are all eager to get outside and get active. Some of us have the typical nine to five job and weekend obligations that may prevent us from enjoying the outdoors. But all of us are starting to come out of our winter pout and have goals we would like to attain before summer arrives.

In honour of your busy schedule, we have come up with some ways to help you reach those goals, while still maintaining your day to day activities.

Here's how to increase your time outdoors without impacting your personal time.

1. Take the Long Way

Park your car a little further away than normal from where you're going. Choose a hill beside your work or park the next block over. Enjoy the added movement and some extra time to clear your mind before you head into responsible adult mode. While walking, try to concentrate on the full movements of each muscle. Make sure you're digging those heels into the ground with each step to activate the glutes more, while engaging your core at the same time. This added few steps with focused contractions are going to make you smile in a few weeks when you feel the difference it makes.

2. Air Break For Goodness Sake

If you happen to pass by a window and it's a nice day, open it. If it is open, take a second to steal some deep breaths while heading on to your next task. It will wake you up and give you just enough cognitive space to get through your next task.

3. Jumping Jacks to Get Snacks

Feel like a snack? Have the time to make it? Then you will have time to do 20 jumping jacks outside before you eat it. Slow and functional, not quick and heavy. If you prefer not to do the jumping jacks for any reason, get up and make three full property circles. Walk around your property. Walk to the end of the street and back or even go for a quick jog. The minutes you spare to get out there and move can change your mood immediately and long term, it can change your life!

4. Wizard Walk

Ever watched the Wizard of Oz? They have a special way to walk the yellow brick road. It is a side sweeping double step to the left, followed immediately with the same movement to the right. This can be done anywhere, anytime, while heading to your preoccupations. Afraid of looking silly? Most will be amazed by the wonderment of it. Too amazed to judge how good you’re making your day. And like the great Dr. Seuss once said “Those who matter will not mind. And those who mind, do not matter.” Make sure you take strong strides. Even a walk with only 20 steps can be turned into 10 giant leaps for health’s sake.

There are plenty of other ways to bring your workout outdoors. Yoga in the park, guided by your favourite YouTube instructor, jogging on a path, biking, rollerblading, skipping, or dancing while the time is available.

To reach our goals efficiently, we must learn to use all the time that we have. Own this time with some tricks that not only help improve our health, but our overall mental well being as well. There is nothing to lose but some stress, a few extra pounds, and that winter pout!