When is the Best Time for Your Next Protein Shake?

When is the Best Time for Your Next Protein Shake?

Tya Waterman |

If you’re reading this, you’ve already committed to a better life. You know the value of a balanced diet and that we all need to move our bodies. But we have a sneaking suspicion that you may want more than that. Perhaps you’d want to see real gains, build muscle, chisel out a better build. In today’s post, we look at when you should optimally take protein for maximum results.

Water + Protein = A Healthy YOU

Second to water, protein takes up a lot of space in our bodies, 20% in fact. Our bodies need it to function as it is utilized by every cell in the human body, and if we don’t get enough protein each day,  our system will actually begin to feed on our muscular tissues. #nojoke

So it’s no wonder supplementing our diet with protein can be greatly beneficial. Some advantages include improved muscle repair and growth, decreased sugar cravings, suppressed appetite and more. Due to better habits and less binge eating, many people even find they lose weight. (Just remember, you’re perfect just the way you are.)

Now, you’re probably wondering, when is the best time to take protein to optimize your performance and #gainz in the gym?

Best Time to Drink Protein

According to this study, the best time to drink protein is before and after your workout because it increases physical performance AND recovery. It helps to increase lean body mass, muscle size and strength.

A study conducted by Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition had 23 male bodybuilders follow a 10-week training program with one group taking pre/post supplementation each workout and the other consuming their protein supplement each morning and evening. The study found consuming protein pre/post workout was more effective in improving muscle strength and body composition. The study also showed that there were signs of increased lean body mass and decreased body fat.

So, drink your protein and rock your workout. You won’t regret it.

Unsure of how you would like to consume your protein? At Kaizen Naturals®, we usually mix it with just water. However, if you would like to add carbohydrates to give yourself a pump before your workout, or to increase your energy back to its regular levels after, try out these delicious smoothies.