No Winter Tire Here!

No Winter Tire Here!

Tya Waterman |

Fall is the perfect time to evaluate your health habits and fitness goals. In fact, Ayurvedic medicine believes fall cleansing helps to prepare the digestive and immune systems for winter – a more sedentary time of year because of the cooler outdoor weather conditions and fewer hours of daylight.

If detoxing your body (and your pantry) is in your plans this season, our Kaizen Naturals® Cleanse may be the 7-Day investment in your health that you’re looking for. Kaizen Naturals® Cleanse contains ingredients traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to support your body’s natural detoxification process. The complete 7-day detox system includes a custom meal plan, with easy-to-follow, nutritious recipes to fuel your body.

If cleansing isn’t for you, fear not! There are countless other ways to clean up your diet and lifestyle. Start by taking a step back and recognizing some of the foods that have crept into your life that could be eliminated. Instead of summer barbeque think of adding savoury or spicy stews and soups to warm your digestive tract. Sip on green tea throughout the day instead of cold tea, and be sure to not over sleep just because the sun isn’t yet up.

Equally important – stave off hibernation. Cooler temperatures make it tempting to stay inside; instead, power through the dropping digits and freshen up your fall fitness regime. Along with our Kaizen Naturals® Cleanse and inspiration from our Recipes page, the following fitness suggestions will keep you feeling great all fall and winter long:

Outdoor Boot Camp

Many cities across the country offer evening boot camps to keep people social while getting in a good workout. Grab a friend and calf raise beneath the oak trees, run sprints in the park or use your body weight to help push you into winter mode.


A serene way to sweat, hiking is a sport that does not discriminate when it comes to Canada’s weather. Depending on where you live, you can hike all year round. Fall is especially conducive to long, windy walks as the ground is less mucky than in spring and the visual landscape is diverse.


If squatting or sprinting isn’t your thing; if your body remains committed to staying warm even as the sunny days of summer sail away, yoga and especially hot yoga, is a great option. Sweating has multiple benefits for the body as does stretching. So roll out your mat and stretch your way through fall.

We know the importance of moving our bodies and being mindful to stay in motion. As Canadians begins to hunker down for the colder months, commit to staying in shape. Decide to swap out swimming for skiing and inline skating for ice-skating. There are as many reasons to stay committed to fitness as there are excuses – maybe more.

This fall, try something new, stay healthy, stay fit!