How to Keep up with Workouts While Travelling

How to Keep up with Workouts While Travelling

Tya Waterman |

Whether you are squeezing in that warm winter getaway, you’re already planning for your summer vacation, or you’re travelling for work, one thing that may be weighing you down is the worry about how to keep up with your workouts and stay on track with your health and fitness goals while travelling. We are here to reassure you that with a little planning and a little creativity, getting in those out-of-town workouts is not only possible, but also easier than you would think!

Plan Ahead

The best piece of advice that we can give to help you keep up with your workouts while travelling is to plan ahead. You will most likely feel more motivated to stick to your fitness goals before you leave for your trip, while you are still at home and in a healthy routine. Its important to use that motivation to make a plan that will be easy for you to follow when you actually go away.

Find out if there is a gym in your hotel or surrounding area. Determine what equipment is available for you to use and plan your workouts in advance. If you won’t have access to a gym, don’t worry; you can still get in a great workout with minimal space and no equipment. We still encourage you to plan out your workouts in advance but opt for bodyweight exercise, such as push ups and tricep dips for your upper body, squats and lunges for your lower body, and planks and bicycles for your core.

Make your workout plan as specific as possible so when you get there and feel like slacking, you know exactly what you have to get done, when you have to do it, and how long it will take. If you’re a scheduling savant and you plan your daily vacation activities, ensure you add your workouts into your plans. If sticking to a schedule while on vacation is not up your alley, try to choose what time and which days you will fit your workout in. For example, know that on Monday and Wednesday morning right after breakfast you will workout.

Having a plan in place is the best way to ensure that you fit in those workouts.

Pack with your Goals in Mind

When packing for your trip, ensure that you bring your workout essentials, like running shoes, shorts, and a water bottle. Pack those items in last so when you open up your suitcase and see your running shoes, you might be more motivated to put them on and put in some work.

Additionally, you can also pack some equipment that can help you get in an awesome workout. You can leave the dumbbells at home and instead bring a skipping rope and resistance bands. The skipping rope can help you get your cardio done in your hotel room, in the hallway, or even outside in the sunshine. The resistance bands can help tone up your lower body from the comfort of your own room. Try doing 10 band walks in each direction. Trust us, they are tougher than they look.

Finally, in order to ensure that you are still hitting your macronutrient and micronutrient goals, don’t forget to pack your protein. If bringing a full tub of protein seems like overkill, you can choose instead to pack Kaizen Naturals® Whey Protein Single Serves, available in packs of 10. If you’ve got your shaker bottle and your single serves, you will have no problem hitting your protein requirements after your workout.

Choose Activities that involve Movement

As tempting as it may seem to spend your whole vacay laying on the beach in the sun, it can be just as relaxing, and even more rewarding, to try out some new activities that involve moving your body. If you are into sightseeing, try to find a walking or biking tour instead of a bus tour. If you love to hike, try to find a nearby hiking trail.

Alternatively, if you are travelling for work and the weather and locations permit, try walking from your hotel to your meetings. Choose to take the stairs rather than the elevator in your hotel as well as in every building that you enter. If you’re on the 15th floor and walking all the way up seems too daunting, walk up as many flights as you feel comfortable and then take the elevator the rest of the way.

Moving your body even a little bit every day, can have such huge benefits not only for your waistline, but also for your overall health.

Eat Intuitively

While getting in those workouts is a huge part of achieving your health and fitness goals, an even more important aspect is how you are fuelling your body.

Ensure you are feeding your body with foods that make you feel good. If you need tips on intuitive eating, check out this blog post.

Choose healthy options when available, move your body every day, and do the best that you can while still enjoying your time away.