How to Boost a Bad Mood

How to Boost a Bad Mood

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Guess what? Sometimes I can be grumpy. Obviously, those aren’t the days I am posting on social media with my big bubbly smile, but Instagram isn’t real, and we all know it. There are days that my kid is acting up and she’s moody for no reason at all, so that can contribute to my negative mindset, but other times there is no explanation for my lack of a sense of humour and motivation. But I have to say that I am pretty good at flipping the switch and looking on the bright side, and I’d like to share with you 10 of my secrets to turn around a bad mood and prepare yourself to have a great day.

1. Take a break and get some fresh air

Being outside always puts me in a better mood, unless it minus forty, then okay, skip this step until springtime. However, on most winter days, you can bundle up and go for a walk, pull your kids on the sled, or even enjoy the scenery by taking a short drive. Changing your environment distracts you from whatever was triggering your bad mood and in these days of covid-19 quarantines, we all run the risk of getting the kind of cabin-fever that drove Jack Nicholas mad in The Shining. Do yourself and your housemates a favour and give yourself space once in a while.

2. Freshen yourself up with a nice hot shower (or bath) and put on a cute outfit

Even if you aren’t in the mood to get ready, forcing yourself to get up and put together will boost your spirits and confidence. It’s true that there are not a lot of places to go these days, so instead simply style your hair for a new IG selfie. It’s the process of getting ready that helps you feel more content.

3. Exercise, exercise, exercise

Am I allowed to admit that sometimes I don’t want to workout? Home workouts can be particularly difficult for all of us to motivate ourselves to do, but even thirty minutes will boost the endorphins that contribute to those good feelings and give your brain a rest while your body takes charge. Make yourself do it, no excuses. Put on your gym clothes and runners and set up your exercise area. Even if you just end up stretching for half an hour while you watch your favourite Netflix series, you’ll be proud of yourself for doing something.

4. Have a list of things you are thankful for

And read it when you need to give yourself a reality check. You will love being reminded of how many great things you have going for you! In my opinion, every minute spent focusing on these cherished people, things, or dreams is time well spent, and will push out negativity in an instant.

5. Fake it with a smile

Pretending to be super happy may be extremely annoying but you actually can be put in a better mood by acting the part. Trust me, just try it.

6. Enjoy a healthy meal

Even if you’re not supposed to eat for another few hours. Have you seen those chocolate bar commercials, “You’re not yourself when you’re hungry?” Well, there you go. As a fitness professional with nearly 20 years of experience, I can say with confidence that having a high protein snack or a heaping serving of crunchy vegetables will not ruin your progress. You may also want to drink more water while you’re at it.

7. Watch a comedian’s special, your favourite funny series, or do something you really enjoy

Laughing is the best medicine! You can spare the time to brighten your spirits.

8. Have a nap

I do realize that if you’re grumpy in the morning, this isn’t a kind suggestion because your work day likely doesn’t permit a mid-day siesta! So instead, evaluate your sleep routine and make room for more quality rest in your life on the regular.

9. Hug someone you love

Or in my case, get Eskimo kisses from your toddler! Physical contact feels so good, so I truly hope you have a good hugger in your life.

10. Take 10 minutes and vent to a friend

Voicing your frustrations or expressing yourself is such a wonderful relief. It’s important to communicate your emotions to someone you trust and give them a chance to help.

Hopefully the next time you’re grumpy for whatever reason, you will think of these tips and apply my methods to change your mindset and make the most of your day!


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Coach Julie Germaine is an NFLA-certified fitness expert and prenatal trainer, and an NASM-certified nutrition specialist. She is also a fit mom to an active toddler and a 2x world-class fitness champion who has been featured in and contributed to numerous fitness, fashion, and lifestyle magazines and other media. She has loved helping men and women lose belly fat and maintain their incredible body transformations as a virtual coach since 2005.