30-Minute Full Body Outdoor Workout

30-Minute Full Body Outdoor Workout

Tya Waterman |

Summer is here and we know that with the warm weather, it can get harder to force yourself to go to the gym and miss out on soaking in the summer rays. Well, we’re here with great news! You no longer have to choose between a day at the beach and a great workout. Use this 30-minute full body outdoor workout at the beach, in your backyard, in a park, or wherever you can find space and enjoy the outdoors!

The Workout

Complete each exercise in the circuit, then rest for two minutes. Perform the full circuit three times.

 Exercise Reps Sets
Frog Jumps 1 minute 3
Skater Strides 1 minute 3
Decline Push Ups 1 minute 3
Walking Lunges 1 minute 3
Tricep Dips 1 minute 3
Step Ups 1 minute 3
Inverted Pull Ups 1 minute 3
Burpees 1 minute 3
Mountain Climbers 1 minute 3
Plank 1 minute 3


Tips for Outdoor Workouts

1. Stay hydrated

In the summer heat, its more important than ever to ensure you are drinking enough water and keeping yourself fully hydrated. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your workout.

2. Wear water resistant sunscreen

Protect your skin from sun damage by wearing sunscreen. Since this workout can be a little cardio heavy, and you’ll likely work up a sweat, its best to choose a sunscreen that is water/sweat resistant.

3. Use what you find around you

Whether you’re near a playground or a beach, there will always be things that you can use to make your workout as efficient as possible. For example, are you near a park bench? Use that to perform step ups and decline push-ups. Is there a swing set nearby? Place your feet on two swings to make your mountain climbers even more challenging.

4. Keep a damp towel nearby

Cool yourself off with a damp towel. If you’re working out at the beach, its easy to dip your towel in the water to keep it cool.

Summer is short. Don’t let your workouts get in the way of enjoying this beautiful season.