Caro Sternberg

Caro Sternberg

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Caro is a Kinesiology grad from the University of Manitoba who has been working in the fitness industry since she was 19. Over the years, Caro has collected many fitness certifications, including CSCS, CPT, TRX, Kettlebell and more. Now a personal trainer, strength and conditioning specialist, spin instructor, Orange Theory coach, half marathon runner, and fitness junkie, Caro is down for whatever gives her a good sweat. You can always catch her by the squat rack blasting music in her headphones or doing many outdoor activities in the summer time.

Favourite Way to Sweat

Caro's favourite ways to sweat are running, weight training, spinning, and functional training.

Favourite Way to Recover Post-Workout

Caro's post workout routine involves foam rolling. She also enjoys using the thera gun on her quads and in the summer, you can find her swimming to recover her muscles after a heavy week of lifting. 

Go-To Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Living Your Best Life

To Caro, living your best life means living in the moment, surrounding yourself with positive energy, and moving your body as often as you can. 

Favourite Products

Kaizen Naturals® Pre-Workout Pink Lemonade
Kaizen Naturals® Vegan Protein Vanilla
 Kaizen Naturals® BCAA Green Apple