Spring Cleanse


As the first day of spring nears, we can’t help but feel excited knowing the days are getting longer and the sun nearer. You may have already felt its warmth while driving in your car.

For us, here at Team Kaizen, we pay close attention to how our bodies feel as the conditions around and within our lives, change. Spring is a particularly good time to cleanse one’s body and mind. A couple of our staff members have been extra focused on detoxifying behaviours recently.

For example, our office has been buzzing with the benefits of oil pulling. And a few of us here start every day with hot lemon water to begin daily detoxifying, first thing in the morning.

Spring Cleanse

Across this great nation of ours, as we start to think of summer days and all of the activities to come, why not consider starting spring with our 7-Day Gentle Cleanse? Shake out the environmental toxins. Exhale the stale air and clean up your health from the inside out. As we transition out of colder weather and into the summer season, reduce your brain fog, rev up your metabolism and increase your energy.

Best news…our cleanse won’t disrupt your life. It won’t keep you holed up in the loo (#teehee), nor is it overly restrictive. A formulation of vitamins, herbal extracts and a daily fibre shot, it is a soft approach to regulating your bodily systems.

It comes with a complete meal plan including meals made with lean cuts of meat and fish, complex carbohydrates and fresh produce. We recommend reducing or eliminating sugars, alcohols and caffeine – FOR JUST ONE WEEK. You can still work out and supplement with your favourite protein (ahem).

So put a spring in your step and karate kick hibernation mode. Let’s shake out the unnecessary to make room for more better in your life. #andours

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